воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.
I feel it already. More sunny days, slightly warmer, flowering willow, first snowdrops, brighter with each passing day and the realization that summer is coming step by step. You know what? I like these feelings. Another reason for the meeting with my marvelous Marina, another reason for walking, making photos, for endless conversations. I adore it.
Mby this outfit also makes me feel real warm spring approaching?
Hat: no name
Sunglasses: Gina tricot
Tube scarf: Seppala
Jacket: Bershka
Bag: Seppala
Jeans: Pull&Bear
Boots: NS king

From us with lots of love


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Marella комментирует...

You look amazing dear!
Gorgeous blog! Following1 Follow back? <3

anna-maria комментирует...

Thank you! ;)

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