воскресенье, 21 октября 2012 г.
Autumn wishlist

Сет Autumn wishlist пользователя anna-maria-davydkina с turquoise bracelets

Monki printed shirt
$52 - monki.com

H m
$16 - hm.com

True religion jacket

H m
$4.80 - hm.com

Makeup brush
$3.85 - ginatricot.com

$105 - scorett.se

Mid Cut Schuhe
$26 - deichmann.com

воскресенье, 7 октября 2012 г.
Everything flows day by day calm and quiet. Where is the wind of Change? How long do I have to wait for it? I need an energy during the day to concentrate and to find a new motivation or inspiration, a new obsession, a new passion. Enjoy the last but not least part of photos from August taken by Marina.

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Hey! I'm Anna-Maria, but everyone calles me Ann.I live in Estonia and I go in for rhythmic gymnastics for 12 years.I like to communicate with people from different countries, blogging, photography, walking with friends and laughing.
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