четверг, 28 апреля 2011 г.

Improbable day! Similar that the real time of soap bubbles has come.
As though all have sunk into dotage. But I like it!
One more possibility to feel the little girl, cheerful and carefree.
Partly all of us in the soul are children and also it isn't bad to stay the child at least one day in a week
Try to enjoy this time,hope you have a success.I believe in you!

                                     With Ilja...

                                     Jane *
Hey guys!I've a perfect mood today.As if you know I'm still having fun and I try to enjoy my life.If you are attentive,you have noticed a button "Vote".And if you liked my site,please put it.So vote for me!
понедельник, 25 апреля 2011 г.
Today I took a few photos on the way home. But what is surprising?
That my sister Yana photographed me. She is 5 year old, and already so professionally photographs!
So let's look!

                                           My sister!*
Hi! Last week I was in Tartu and took place in competitions in AGG.(Aestetics group gymnastics).I was there 2 days-in the first day our team had a training and at the second we had competitions.I've some pictures,made in the first day.

воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.
HI! How are you today? I'm in a good mood this Sunday.
I tried to occupy today myself something, but then all the same have decided
to have a rest and gain strength simply properly for the next week.
And I 've also some new photos.Let 's see !

                                Earring from H&M

I want to tell to you about rhythmic gymnastics. It is a sport only for girls.
I' m engaged in gymnastics here 12 years,  that is the beginnings in 4 years.
The gymnastics learns to discipline, coordination, the fastest development of abilities and talent.
If you' ve a choice, to what sports to give the daughter result it on trainings
on rhythmic gymnastics is better, and you won't regret. I very much like to be engaged,
but now I've a problem with a back, but not because of gymnastics.
Here are some photos with me.

                  Miss Valentine.AGG.I'm in the centre.
                                    With Vika

 When I was a child.I'm on the right.Olja is on the left.

                                     The first place !
 The first place.This picture was done,when I was a child...

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