пятница, 11 ноября 2011 г.

I  very much want to change hair color to a darker .... like dark chocolate or something like that and remove this fringe or do some other fringe.I want it so much!
Among this it is one significant date today 11/11/11. That number again only after 100 years and we are unlikely to live to see this date once again x) In the school today to the dynamics reported that there will be 5 minutes to the11/11/11, 11:11 and all  who were in school, made a wish: )

Очень хочу изменить цвет волос на более темный ....как темный шоколад и что-то вроде этого  и убрать эту челку или сделать на бок.Очень хочу.
Помимо всего сегодня знаменательная дата 11.11.11. Это число повториться только через 100 лет и мы вряд ли доживем до этого момента х) В школе сегодня по динамику сообщали, что вот через 5 минут будет 11.11.11, 11:11  и все все в школе,кто не забыл, загадывали желание :)

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EevvaStyle комментирует...

great outfit! I like it!

Cinderella's Closet комментирует...

I missed 11:11 on 11/11/11 :) Too busy working. I agree you would look even more beautiful with darker hair. Love how you did this before & after post to show the color transition. Gorgeous red sweater & I love your hair in the last picture from dark to light.

The shoes I'm wearing in my China Doll post is from Jeffrey Campbell & its called Nightwalk. They are comfortable to walk in & definitely not hard to walk on. Stay tuned I have more shoes :)


Cinderella's Closet NYC

Taryn комментирует...

If you are not sure what color to go try something that isn't permanent--I went dark red a few years ago and love it =)

anna-maria комментирует...

Thanks :)

Cinderella's Closet.
I trust you ;)

Thanks for advice

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