четверг, 2 июня 2011 г.
I've three news.And......stop............I've four news.
The first is that today I took an examination in Estonian and tomorrow will take the oral part of that exam.As for me this exam was easy.
The second news is that today I got a perfect ring from my friend Aline. Thank you,darling. I really love it.See her Aline
The third news is that my mum presented to me beautiful glasses.I've tried to find it for about 4-5 years,but I can't.And I GOT it!!!!! They are a little big for me, but it's OK. I'm also happy!
And the last news is that today I walked with Nastja and Jane.And we took new photos.See them!

P.S. I'm very happy!!!!!!

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strawberry Princess комментирует...

the ring is so cute and as usual your little sister is just so adorable..

Oh to Be a Muse комментирует...

love your jacket and that ring! would love for you to check out my post!

anna-maria комментирует...

strawberry Princess.
Thank you from my sister)

anna-maria комментирует...

Oh to be a Muse.
Thanks you too.Ok I will also visit you site.

a woman's right to shoes комментирует...

These photos are so cute, you all look so happy =)

Batara Emas комментирует...

Your Photos is Amazing. I Like

anna-maria комментирует...

a woman's right to shoes.
Thanks a lot.I think so too.They makes my life more happier/happiest (I don't know how to write this word :D )

anna-maria комментирует...

Batara Emas.
Thank you :P

Анонимный комментирует...

Hi. Your photos are great. This small miracle is super,fantastic! The best is photo with dandelion and your friend with a bottle of some alcohol drink. Oh.......ohh near the child and with the bottle of alcohol, it's not good :D
Waiting for updatings. Good luck.

anna-maria комментирует...

Hi! Thanks for yout comment.I like this photo with the dandelion too.And this is not an alcohol ,this is energetic drink-BURN,if you know this :)
Best wishes,

Veronica комментирует...

So beautiful your ring!!! Perfect for summer **
I want it too!! :)
thanks to comment and visit my blog dear :*

ATENG MAHAT MABU комментирует...

Your photos are great. These photos are so cute, you all look so happy =) love for you to check out my post!

naimishika комментирует...

Hey Anna, you are looking so sweet. .. is this your daughter... convey my love to her..

Анонимный комментирует...

The sweetest thing. The pics are lovely and brings back sweet memories, when I used to take a walk when I was a young boy.

Fiducia комментирует...

Love your ring, glasses, and outfit!!
The angel in the pic is cute:)
Good to know good things happening down there!

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MEHREEN ALI комментирует...

Hey , Liked your way of bloging , like ur ring too, ur pics are awesome , whos that kido

You also visit my new blog
www.insurance4awl.blogspot.com all post are new visit all.

anna-maria комментирует...

To Anonymous.Thanks.I'm glad that my pictures take you back to your childhood. :)

anna-maria комментирует...

Veronica.Hi.Thanks for visiting my blog.And thanks for you comment.I'm really glad that somebody likes my ring too.

anna-maria комментирует...

Thanks for all. :)

anna-maria комментирует...

naimishika. Hi! Thank you,and this is not my daughter :)
This is my sister.I'm a bit younger to have own daughter :D

anna-maria комментирует...

Fiducia.Thank you! The angel is my sister :)

anna-maria комментирует...

MEHREEN ALI.Thank you)The small girl is my sister and the big is my friend :D

Ok,I'll visit it!

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