вторник, 14 июня 2011 г.
Hi everyone! Last weekend I visited with my family (except brother) Tallinn Zoo. It was perfect! It changed a lot. I couldn't remember last time, I were there. Here is the story of that day. :D

                         Near the Zoo. :)
            Sugar cotton wool. Yammyy ....
                         It is less than already sugar cotton wool :)
                                         Monkey  :D

 And once again.......MONKEYS!!!!!                :D
                I love it.....        :)

 White polar bear...

 With Mum and sister
 An elephant.

 Finally I BOUGHT them!!! I found them in Charles & Keith.So happy...... :)

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Nádia комментирует...

oh, i'm sooo envy, I've not been to a zoo for ages now and I miss it soooo much! :P

great pictures!


anna-maria комментирует...

Nádia.Thanks.And if you want to go there,then GO! :D

Oh to Be a Muse комментирует...

i love zoos. nice blog!

anna-maria комментирует...

Oh to be a Muse.
Thank you!

saikrishna комментирует...

Soo Cute :) Little Frnd ;)

maddie0147 комментирует...

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