среда, 25 мая 2011 г.
Hi readers! The school is going to be finished soon and we will be able to enjoy summer time. The weather in Tallinn is a little cold . At the moment there is wind outside. I think, that it's because of arrangement near the Baltic sea. But I believe our weather will change soon. I hope for it. I'm waiting for your comments,guys. Tell me about the weather in you cities! It's all. Xoxo.

P.S. See my cat. :)

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strawberry Princess комментирует...

your cat is so nice. in my country summer is almost over and we are about to experience heavy rain in the next coming months.

good for you that you are having summer. time for the beach and bikinis...

frisso комментирует...

Cute cat whats his/her name?

Never sure what the weather will be doing here in England. One day its cold then the next its warm :) supposed to be getting warmer though.

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