суббота, 21 мая 2011 г.
Today I decided to walk near the sea in Pirita with my sister.As for me it was perfect! We found there place,where we took many pictures.Then we also ate ice-cream and sweets.Let's see the photos we did.All the photos of me did my sister.Isn't it strange? She's only 5.

                                My sister Jane.

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Анонимный комментирует...

Woah! Anna-Maria you are so thin, maybe you should eat more? :) Just kidding, the weather was great today, too bad I had no time to go to Pirita, myself, what a waste.

anna-maria комментирует...

Hi.You don't know how much food a eat!
It doesn't depend on that I eat or not.
I have such a structure. :)

Анонимный комментирует...

Good evening, the same for me, actually, have always eaten what I wanted and when I wanted and never even got close to being *gulp* fat :)
Or maybe it's because of sporting activity

Have you been to the beach already, during the warmer days, just a while ago?

JoJo комментирует...

Hi Ana-Maria, your pictures are stunning! How I wish I can visit Estonia someday.

anna-maria комментирует...

elordb. You and I are lucky guys. :)
Unfortunately I haven't been there,cause I had a lot of trainings.But I wish I were there more.

JoJo. Thank you.Estonia is a beautiful county.Tallinn is especially perfect city :D

katlupe комментирует...

Hi Ana-Maria, I love your pictures! I always wondered what Estonia was like but didn't know anyone who lived there. Now I can learn about it through your blog. Your little sister is adorable and she did a great job of taking your pictures. You are beautiful! I will definitely be back to read more.

strawberry Princess комментирует...

wow little jane is so pretty, and your pictures are just great. I love the sea and those rocks... so so love all your pics. simple yet full of message.

btw - i already send you the post card I dont know how long will it take I just hope it will be soon...

anna-maria комментирует...

Katlupe. Thank you for this beautiful comment! Yeah....I wonder too how did Jane take these photos. Welcome to my blog!

anna-maria комментирует...

strawberry Princess.
My sister Jane is grateful to you.Thanks for your comment.Best wishes. :)

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