суббота, 25 августа 2012 г.
Ooooooo sometimes I get a good feeling, yeeah...! It happens to me not so rarely and depends on such factors as weather, surprisingly good news, funny videos, unexpected call or sms and other stuff that makes me happy. And sometimes bad news can screw up your day.
Our dog Gretta was given to a woman from another city. She is 1 year old black toy-poodle, kind and trustful. She's in good hands now.
But also a good news. My older dog Pretty gave birth to a small puppy. I don't have a photo yet. Sorry.

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Hey! I'm Anna-Maria, but everyone calles me Ann.I live in Estonia and I go in for rhythmic gymnastics for 12 years.I like to communicate with people from different countries, blogging, photography, walking with friends and laughing.
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